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Network Traffic Management


Our work in network traffic management projects fall into two categories.  The first are the projects associated with the management and operation of WAIL. Since the lab uses actual networking hardware, all of the infrastructure built to configure and manage WAIL can be easily transferred into operational networking environments. Lab management is facilitated through WAILworks - development of this tool-set is an ongoing project. Another operational capability required for experiments is to emulate wide area propagation delays. Our tool for this is WAILnet which has been constructed to be precise and highly scalable.

The second category of traffic management projects are the experimental projects. The activity we are focused on at present is the iSWORD project. The idea of this work is to add adaptivity via widely distributed measurements to the SWORD streaming server.

New traffic management projects are underway and details will be posted soon!


Agarwal, Shilpi and Barford, Paul. Scalable Propagation Delay Emulation for Network Laboratory Testing, Submitted for Publication, April, 2003. Manuscript available on request. .


Bizarro, Ana; Plonka, Dave. WAILworks Overview, WAIL Group Presentation. February, 2003. (slides)




Paul Barford
Mary Vernon
Dave Plonka
Ana Bizarro
Shilpi Agarwal



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