Version 2.1.0 Released

The latest version of Netpy has been released. Major changes:

Netpy main page

Netpy is a network traffic analysis and visualization package developed at University of Wisconsin-Madison as a class project for some Computer Networking classes offered by the Computer Sciences Department. This application is intended for the use of network administrators and it can help understand usage trends in your network as well as support interactive analysis of specific network events of interest. Netpy is distributed under GPL and a BDS-like license.


Netpy stores NetFlow records in a local database after applying some sampling to reduce the size of the data. The analysis engine supports interactive analyses on this data where the user chooses the time interval of interest, the filtering rules to apply to the traffic and the type of analysis. The netpy console allows the user to manage the database, and perform analyses interactively or through scripts. The graphical user interface visualizes the results of the analyses accessing the database locally or remotely through a netpy server that is also part of the package.

Netpy team

If you want to contact the netpy developement team with questions, feedback, bug reports, patches, suggestions, or opinions send email to The following people have worked on various versions of netpy: Garret Magin, Cristian Estan, Dan Wendorf, Ryan Horrisberger, John Henry, Jaeyoung Yoon, Fred Moore, Brian Hackbarth, Pratap Ramamurthy, Steve Myers, Dhruv Bhoot.